Jewels of the Jungle

Different freshwater species from different continents are on display here.

Discover one of the most vibrant habitats you have ever seen. An explosion of colours, shapes and behaviours that give name to our most striking fish. The "Firework-spitting" cardinal fish, flying fox and the neon tetra, are just some of the most impressive fish you will see.


Black Phantom Tetra

Black Tetra

Bristlenose Pleco

Burmese Border Loach

Butterfly Cichlid

Cardinal Tetra

Congo Tetra

Denison Barb

Flying fox

Flying Gurnard

Freshwater Angelfish

Gold Barb

Harlequin Rasbora

Highfin Glassy Perchlet

Mickey Mouse Platy

Molly Fish

Moonrise Pink GloFish Tetra

Otocinclus catfish

Penguin Tetra

Rainbow Shiner

Red Phantom Tetra

Red Tetra

Rummy-nose tetra

Sajica Cichlid

Siamese Flying Fox

Siamese Glassfish

Spotted Barb

Striped Raphael Catfish

Suckermouth Catfish

Tetra Diamante

Twig Catfish

X-ray Tetra