Deep Sea

It is the largest tank in the Aquarium and its curved panel is the largest in the world, measuring 36-metre wide and 7-metre high.

Have you ever seen the deepest ocean from three different points of view? See in detail the different species of sharks, rays and bony fish through the portholes, the 360º dome with panoramic view and the largest curved window. Sand tiger sharks, bull rays, Atlantic horse mackerels and many more species will show you the wonders of the deep sea.

Sand tiger shark

Zebra seabream

White seabreams


Snakelocks sea anemone

Nurse Shark

Palometa fish

Two-banded seabream

Island grouper

Bull Shark


Round fantail stingray

Spotfin croaker

Salema porgy

Spiny butterfly ray

Bull ray


Bull shark

Atlantic stingray