We Love Animals

At Poema del Mar we work for animal welfare and the conservation of biodiversity, following the line set by Loro Parque Fundación (LPF).

At our facilities, we develop conservation projects for vulnerable or endangered species, together with Loro Parque Fundación (LPF), such as the case of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta), classified in the "Vulnerable" category by IUCN. Poema del Mar collaborates with the Wildlife Recovery Centers offering their facilities to carry out the rehabilitation of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles that arrive stranded on the beaches of the Canary coast with health problems. Once those injured specimens have received the necessary veterinary attention from the Wildlife Recovery Center, dependent on the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, they move to Poema del Mar to carry out the rehabilitation until their health is completely restored.

In addition, one of our milestones has been to get different species to reproduce in the aquarium, such as the seahorse, the tequila fish and the bamboo shark, which is an indication of the welfare state of the animals. In the case of tequila fish, under danger of extinction, we developed a captive breeding project that managed to increase the number of individuals of this species when in the wild there were only 500 specimens left. In addition, Poema del Mar participates in the Axolote breeding program, also "critically endangered", through the LPF and with the collaboration of the French National Center for Scientific Research.

In the aquarium, we also harbor other endangered species, some of them also "critically endangered", such as the Thai shark and the Siam carp, as well as others with the category "endangered", such is the case of the arrow frog, the zebra shark, the grouper of the Mediterranean, the guitar shark, the Bangai cardinal, the giant freshwater stingray, the golden barbel and the Sutchi shark. Within the category "Vulnerable", Poema del Mar inhabits animals such as the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, the bull shark, the spatula fish, the seahorse, and the gray shark.

In the Conservation section of our web, you can find information about the different conservation projects of Loro Parque Fundación about the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta), the hammerhead sharks (Squatina sp.) and the angelfish (Squatina squatina).