Know and learn

Visiting Poema del Mar is a enjoyable way to learn more about many aquatic species that live in different locations around the planet, in fresh, salty and brackish water, and even some amphibians and reptiles.

In this section, you will familiarize with the curiosities of the animals that we host at our aquarium.

Did you know...


conoce 1... the electric eel can produce discharges of more than 650 volts?
This freshwater fish uses its strong electric shocks to attack and defend itself. However, it also uses weak electrical signals to communicate with other specimens of its species.
conoce 3... we have an animal in the aquarium that has been lining on Earth for more than 250 million years?
It is the sturgeon, one of our river giants, which can reach up to four meters in length. Some species of sturgeon are in danger of extinction due to overfishing, as they are highly prized for their eggs - what we know as caviar -.
conoce 2... some species form large schools of fish in order to protect themselves from their predators?
The fish form these large banks to give the appearance of being a much larger animal and, in this way, they are better protected against their predators.

Visits and Didactic Activities for Schools

The educational centers have the opportunity to request guided visits and workshops that our educators carry out in Poema del Mar. All the educational activities that we teach in our aquarium could be considered as a complement to the academic training that the students receive in the classrooms, since they will have the chance to see up close the animals that they had only seen in the books.

For more information about these didactic activities, please visit the Activities section of our website.